Baking and Dieting Do Not Mix

It has nearly killed me making these for  the hubby, and while he is sitting scoffing all the cupcakes i am crunching on a carrot stick, yum, yum

They do look better than this pic but since i put my camera away in a safe place it may be a while before i find it and they will be all gone by then.

I am also battling myself, I have willpower… somewhere. I stopped smoking (twice but they where 10 years apart) but the battle with food is one i have not cracked (YET!)

so i am now going to shame myself, as for 4 years since i started blogging i have never shown a pic of me, there is good reason for this, being that i probably don’t have photos of me unless i REALLY have to, however i was given this so at my lowest point i am putting my picture of before me, and then hopefully by NEXT YEAR ( if i say it fast it doesn’t sound that long) i will be able to look back and think wow  or i could just think by Christmas, Well that lasted 😦

And Finally…

I took part in IHSW over on Joyce’s Blog, and pah can you believe it but i couldn’t get rid of visitors, yes the weekend when i was quite content to sink into my chair and watch movies and let the world go by,  i had a stream of people, so not much done.

i will have to post piccies tomorrow as hubby is needing the laptop, typical!



6 thoughts on “Baking and Dieting Do Not Mix

  1. Oh shame on you for not posting a pic till now. You’re gorgeous!!!!! 😀

    Carrot sticks are yum… I love them. 😀 Those cupcakes look delish!!!!!!

  2. You’re so pretty! I’ve been struggling with my weight my whole life, too, and I fully support decisions to become fit and lose weight in a healthy way. Even though you don’t look like you need it. (hugs)

  3. Oh girl, what’s wrong with you? You are beautiful =)
    I hope you can reach your goal to lose some weight =)
    I hope to lose some again, too, but the priority is for me just to change to healthier food (fruits and vegetables!!!) and to pick up with sports again… Destroyed my trampoline last week *cough*
    Most important thing is, that you feel comfortable in your body!!

  4. They’re all right, you’re lovely! and I have cleavage-envy 🙂
    Did you know stitching burns approx 86 calories an hour? Unfortunately, sitting still burns 83 so it’s not a huge increase but every little helps!

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