Not been blogging as i lost my bug, where it buggered off to i have no idea, Since school started back in Septmeber it has been awful, work, home the lot but last night I picked up Royal Holiday from mirabilia. I have had her kitted her up for over a year so after an hour she looked like this…

impressive or what!!

I am FINALLY posting the pic of what i did for IHSW over on Joyce’s Blog, yes bad bad me, late as usual. I did Lizzie Kate’s Christmas Rules, one down eleven to go. I think I may concentrate on this for next IHSW.

Also can you make out my new rug, everyone hates it, but i dont care lol Yes this is my treat to me, for losing a stone.

and i admit it I am watching Finding Nemo, (Callum wouldnt move his big feet lol)

YES i know it is hardly a small treat, especially when the hubby promised me he would buy me a charm for every stone i lost, but bought me a plasma instead ( which by the way he holds the remote control like his life depends on it, so i think its an excuse,  buying it for me but what is it with men and remote controls? lol)

So far after three weeks i have lost 17 1/2 lbs only another 66 1/2 to go argh!!

This week has not been that great though as i have not lost any, i know weigh in  is not till  tomorrow but on my scales it says i put on, hmm must be more strict next week, if i can loose 11 lbs for christmas though it will be two stones and i may be able to tell, as at the moment i cant tell a difference, and thanks for the kind comments for my pic, its just a really good pic of me sat down stood up, though and yuck lol

I was going to start my ironing now but nah going to do a bit more of RH, i still havent bobbinated my threads yet for it*sigh


5 thoughts on “

  1. LOVE your rug !!!! I think it looks terrific…..Congratulations on your weight loss. I’m battling the bulge too…I’m down 25 lbs, have another 20 to go….


  2. I think the rug is amazing =)
    Congratulations on loosing so much weight, I’m very confident that you will make your goal for Christmas.
    Great start on Royal Holiday

  3. That’s awesome going for an hour of stitching, Bev. Love what you’ve done with Christmas Rules and IHSW is coming up really soon again. I don’t know where time goes, I swear.

    Love that rug!!! It’s so colorful and hip and I think that since the plasma is your present, the remote should be hung around your neck. 😉

    Congrats on the weight loss!! 😀

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