Do you think that this is for me?

Well today is my Birthday, another year older another year less wiser, i was so excited thinking of all them stitching galore surprises, or even an ipod touch as my hubby hates my style of music, so think of my surprise when he told me what i had got.

it wont be here till next weekend, he said…. ooooo Ā i said and its big oooooooooooo i said.

What is it?

this is what i am getting.


Hmmmm i am thinking that this is not really for me, so much for any stitching goodies, oh well i will just have to get good at playing and win some money.

Place your bets please ( i need some stitchy stash lol)


8 thoughts on “Do you think that this is for me?

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! šŸ˜€ LOL, this reminds me of the time when Homer bought Marge a bowling ball for her birthday. šŸ˜‰

  2. Happy birthday, Bev!!!
    Just hope you receive more gifts and they may be stitchy things… Lol
    By the way, I have been looking for your WL at HAED, but it doesn’t show up under the email you have inprofile…

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, i didnt even realise that my email address was the old one that i never use no more, thanks for reminding me, i am surprised my wish list is not longer lol,
    and as for surprises i know my hubby well, he spent our holiday money on a shed for ‘us’ why do i want a shed? of yes thats right to kick him out when hes annoying me, which is right now lol.

    i did get a present though some anti wrinkle cream fro my sister, is she trying to tell me something? everyone else says it is too near xmas, oh well theres always for 40th i may get something nice then lol – can you tell i am having a bad day already:)

    • Lol, sorry the day wasn’t as good as we would like you to have, Bev!
      Anti wrinkle cream as BD present? Lol, sorry I have to laugh at it!
      Remember to breath deeply and remember that they love you, believe me, they do.
      Happy birthday, Bev! Wish you have a better Xmas!!!

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