Slowly Coming Alive

Yes I have FINALLY got back into the groove, housework pah it will still be there later!

Here is how far i have got with DOTF.

I am going to go onto the next page so i can see her face, but also so i can finsih the rainbow and then move onto the sky. I thought i would try a new way of stitching these, as with a normal pattern on one page i would just stitch a certain thing ie the sky then move onto the next thing, but with HAED’s I stitch a page at a time. it might not work but with it pregridded it should be ok.


Its also that time of year again when its SAL time, and this year i said no, as i was really bad  i hated stitching on 18ct for fragile heart, so its still no where near done, i am thinking of restarting her on 25 or 28ct,  but when i saw Lovers that flew out of the window, so even though i was VERY tempted to buy Sadness of an Angel, i resisted and will concentrate on the ones i have and the new start in the new year, how good am I? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Slowly Coming Alive

  1. It looks lovely. I have this chart too. It seems that all I’ve done so far is collect charts… (the pictures are so pretty). I’ll start stitching 2012. 🙂 Just gathering enough courage and materials to start on a HAED.

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