and the winner is… Me and ……

OK first of all update time for DOTF

but you can just about to see her


Next after a truly awful week i found this in my email

this is the first time i have ever had anything RAKed and i LOVE her she has been one of three that i kept looking at and going back to.

I have the fabby just wondering if i should stitch her in silks. This really has made my month!

and last but not least i forgot to say who won the card ( did i mention it was a truly crappy time i was having lol)

any the person who my daughter picked out of the hat ( ok bowl) is Thea

I think that is it for now, off to print off my Angel now i already have a place for her above my bed to watch over me and hubby likes her too ( thinks it the boobs again lol) 🙂


12 thoughts on “and the winner is… Me and ……

  1. A RAK is such a beautiful thing and somehow often comes at just the right time. I’m pleased to read this was the case and it was able to cheer you up. Sending happy thoughts to your RAKer. :o)

    Your stitching is beautiful. I love seeing your updates.
    A big congratulations to Thea.

  2. Your stitching looks great. I think many a man would like you RAK, definitely the boobs. My husband said he wished my Vervaco Temptation was facing towards him, boobs showing lol.

  3. Thanks so much Bev, I’m really excited to see her1 I’ve sent you an email with my address!

    Dreaming On The Farm is looking beautiful and the chart you got RAK’ed is gorgeous… congratulations!

    Lets hope that the giveaway and the RAK are the first steps in some great kudos coming your way as you deserve it!


  4. love those colours, what a nice project to stitch with so many colors in it !
    thanks again for you lovely chicadee chart !
    I haven´t had time to stitch it, but it has been in my mind , still, and I really want to do it.
    I´ve got a whole year until next christmas !
    and I haven´t forgotten about those mermaid charts as well, I´m just a bit busy right now, hope to get back to you this week !

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