Speedy Needles At Work

Its been an age since i did any work on Mermaid. So after swooning over Orlando while watching At World’s End i picked her up  on her Friday night and have loved working on her again and i  did loads more than expected for ISHW  (can’t link it as i am writing this in the dentists waiting room).
i was going to also show my update for the SAL but forgot to take a photo. i was going to go onto something else as i was going to have some kind of rotation going but i want to try (and i did say try) and finish the top row as this is the furthest i have got with a HEAD.


hoping the photo isn’t too bad as i took it with my phone (laptop completely dead now hoping some computer whiz can get my charts off it) will show a picture of all of it when i finish these  two pages.

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