Muttering Like Muttley

I am peeved today, can you see why?

yes i run out of DMC 762 so i bought some more, and carried on stitching, it wasnt until i got stitching next to the old thread that i could tell something was off, I really need to invest in a good light. The difference on colour is really off and it is the same number this is the second time this has happened to me this month!

First lesson dont stitch in blocks as you can really see the line especially when something like this happens

I must have had the thread in for years but who would have thought they would have been a difference, so really peeved about it, I am not going to frog it, i will hope as i get further in that i wont look straight at it.

Anyway CD has now been put away and this week i am working on DOTF

I have decided to stitch the sky this week,  so it will give me a idea of how big it will be, so hoping that i get  all the sky done and maybe start the rainbow.




also here if a close up of DREAMING ON THE FARM, can any of you tell what I am showing you?

I was supposed to be working on the HAED BB SAL Lovers, but i dont like how it is turning out, it was between two charts and i wished i had gone with the tiger, so not sure to just plod on or leave it

and finally thanks for all the comments i do read your blogs but i cant leave comments as i am using the net on my phone, which to be honest is pretty naff!!


6 thoughts on “Muttering Like Muttley

  1. Uh, that’s really bad =( I wouldn’t want to frog such a large area either =(
    Love your work on DOTF, so colorful =)

  2. Are you doing full stitch and tent stitch on DOTF?

    I do agree with you on HAED SAL Lovers. I’ve also tried to change the project for the Tiger on the first month. But it’s not allowed. So I decided to quit the project completely. Luckily I haven’t invest on a stitch. Just didn’t like how the WIP pics turned out.

  3. i completely agree with you about how the wip were turning out i just didnt like her face, so i have now abandoned it , and yes i have commited a sin in some stitcher’s eyes, i started out doing DOFT full crosses and for an experiment ( and beacuse i am so slowwwwww at stitching) I changed to tenting, and when i have shown people they find it hard to tell the difference, mind you they dont stitch so wouldnt know what to look for anyway lol

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