Pass Me The Nurofen

where the writing went from my previous post is any guess. i really need to get a new laptop but can’t see that happening anytime soon, which is really annoying as the laptop i have is 14 months old and it needs a new screen but would Cost nearly as much as a new laptop to fix so until then i am plodding along with my phone which is slower than being on dial up.

anyway here is the missing writing from the previous post…

I was wanting to show the finished face but i have had toothache really bad – that’s why i hate going to the dentist i have just paid £204 to fix  my teeth and have come back with worse pain than before.
so it has affected how much i have got done.

At the moment i am working over four pages and just stitching any area that picks my eye. last night i watched Alcatraz, C S I ( i still miss Grissom but prefer Ted Danson’s character to Ray  Langston) and Suits- hubby went to bed early so i made good  use  of being able to hold the remote control. So i stitched part of the background last night in between swallowing painkillers and waiting for then to kick in. i didn’t want to stitch something i had to concentrate on too much.

i am hoping to try and continue with this one till the end of the month to stop me looking at the HAED site as i have put snowman by Ruth Sanderson in my cart so many times. yes i know i have more than enough started my hubby keeps reminding me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pass Me The Nurofen

  1. Oh dear, I hope things will be better for you soon =(
    It’s awful to hear how you suffer and that your laptop is not working as it should =(
    Hope you feel better soon
    *incredible amount of love and good wishes*

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