Pains, Small Stitches and Pills

First of all… My laptop is mended!!!! and no it didnt cost me more than a new laptop neither, why is it everyone is out to make money out of people, i mended it myself so i am FINALLY back online oh how I missed you little Internet land.

Next is an update of Sadness Of An Angel, still not finished the background or face completed as i STILL have toothache.


I am just not in the mood to stitch at all, the pain is terrible and the painkillers are a waste of time, i got an emergency appointment today but my Dentist as on holiday so i sat nervously in the chair of a dentist i didn’t know ( at this stage i was in so much pain i didnt care what they did as long as they took it away) and sat while he knocked his metal stick thingy on my teeth while i tried not to jump out of the chair only for him to tell me to take some antibiotics and come back in five days if i am still in pain, when my normal dentist is back.


So now i am miserable, I had a tin of lukewarm soup so i could take my tablets then a drink of water and the pain was so bad after he had banged my teeth that i was crying with pain, not crying like a kid but with tears that i couldnt stop as it was that painful.

Yes this week has been a REALLY bad week, with Dentists, my eldest doing something so awful its the worst thing that a child could do to a parent,  and my doctor telling me i need counselling because of it and some little pills to make me feel better ( which i haven’t got yet as i would prefer stitching to be my drug) it has been a really shitty week, at least i am back properly in blogland.

Now I only have 5 months worth of back reading  and commenting to catch up on… I may not pick a needle up all week 🙂


8 thoughts on “Pains, Small Stitches and Pills

  1. Poor hun, I was going to tell you I hope you feel better, but that’s blatantly rubbish.
    Are you okay with your eldest. what happened?

  2. Oh Bev I really feel for you. My pain was worse than it had been before I had the filling and when I got into bed last night I didn’t know where to put myself. Here’s hoping you get fixed soon. Dental pain is the worst. Don’t think the filling is right either but I can’t bear to go through it being done again.

    Your Sadness if an Angel is beautiful.

    Lots of hugs coming your way.

  3. I hope your pain is managable now. Kids, sometimes they do need a beating lol. My youngest did something horrible in his senior year too. Growing up to be a fine young man now.

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