Help Needed / Why Is It Your Always Ill When Your On Holiday?

That’s why nothing has been done on the stitching/blogging front, its been one thing after another for nearly 4 weeks and i am now suffering from man flu, so yes i am at deaths door lol

Thank you for the lovely awards i will reply this weekend to the award this weekend when i am feeling better, i hope everyone had a lovely Easter and had plenty of stitching or chocolate ( or both)

Now i have been thinking of doing some small designs on Etsy but i cant come up with a good name so far i have thought of:

  • Love Thy Thread
  • Threads Of Love
  • Live By Thread
  • Array Of Stitches
  • Alive By Thread
  • Stitching Joy
  • Little Crosses
  • Threads and Fabric
  • Stitchgalore
  • Life And Times Of Stitching
  • Multicoloured Crosses ( may not work as the US/UK etc spelling if ‘colour’ differs)
  • One More Little Stitch

So the help i need is are any of them any good, which one pops out at you or have you got a better one as mine are not up to it, I REALLY need you help as i have asked my husband and all i get it grunts and thats it, bleeding useless!

also if your blog has word verification on it and am still unable to comment on any of them and after 15 minutes i give up, blogger really needs to get its act together on this as people are missing out on comments grrrr

Happy Stitching


1 thought on “Help Needed / Why Is It Your Always Ill When Your On Holiday?

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had a run of feeling poorly. Hope you will be feeling better soon. x
    I like Love Thy Thread, Stitching Joy and Little Crosses best. I couldn’t tell you why but they were my favourites. Please let me know when you have it sorted so I can have a nosy!

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