Remember Me?

Yes it has been a while but I have been unable to stitch due to terrible headaches, turns out I am getting old and I need glasses. I looked a right idiot in them and it cost me £300 for the pleasure ! Hubby nearly fainted when I told him me.  of course I didn’t tell him I picked Armani but he wouldn’t be any
wiser and its not my fault they were the only ones that didn’t look awful. I pick them up next week but until then I am going to try stitching.

So to make life as awkward as possible I am stitching on a brown linen I hate stitching on linen but the pattern I have done is showing the colours a lot darker than they are so far I did 20 stitches tonight then I had to put it down. Maybe 36ct is asking too much. But from the picture you can see not a good fabric


I have also got my logos sorted they are on my other blog and been busy designing on my new iMac so much better than windows well I guess it will be when I figure out how it all works!:-D

1 thought on “Remember Me?

  1. Oh, the glasses… I wear glasses and I am glad my parents payed for them when I got them, finding some that looked okay wasn’t so easy.
    But I hope they will help you not to have anymore headaches and I am looking forward to see your stitching again!

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