Orts, New Toy and Freebie Bunny Pattern

Thank you everyone for the kind comments on this bleeding pain. No sewing to see, as the toothache is now an infection and my face looks like the Hunchback of Notredam, So i have been playing with my new toy.

I have had help from Sharon (AKA Daffycat) and she has told me what to do so hopefully it will work, as i have had a go at designing my own cross stitch.

After a lot of mistakes ( i made the design too small so it didnt  chart very well) i have gone from this, my first attempt at playing with the graphics tablet


to this…

yes i know its not brilliant but its my first attempt OK, not sure yet how I can get it on the web so people can get it so until then I am afraid people will have to email me ( mail at weestitchy dot com) .

Going to start stitching it up to see what it looks like.

Here is my ORTS jar for this month, not bad for me.


and finally its been a lovely sunny day and while i was sat outside on the decking  i could hear this nose like a bunsen burner i looked up and 100 yards above me was this, i would love to go up on one of those on a sunny day.

hope everyone has had a good weekend

What the hell did i do with my threads?

Have you ever put something in a safe place and then find you have no clue where you put it?
Well that is what i have done with my new threads so Daffy has been put away as i can’t even stitch the background.
So i have picked up Corsair Dameria again.


not worked on her much as i joined the local gym and like a idiot who hates exercise decided to help my weight loss and i was surprised to find i enjoyed it, however my legs are in agony today so i have skipped aqua fit tonight as there is no way i could have jumped in a pool today.

hopefully i will loose 3 1/2 lbs in two weeks as i will have been going to weight watchers for six months and i am hoping to have lost 3 stone half of what i need to loose. so my legs are just going to have to get used to it lol.

finally here is my TUSAL update


yes the picture is bad but it goes all blurry when i try and take a close up i will try and edit it when i can get on a computer.

I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Very Very Late

Yes like the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland, I am late Posting My TUSAL, I have been really busy though, painting, washing decking as well as the normal jobs. Tomorrow I am tackling the kitchen cupboards, which i hate, as  I am wanting to try and finish page one of Lady Godiva.

This was taken two days ago and its hard to believe what a few more colours difference it has made, I am trying to finish off the page this week before I move onto something else.

I am thinking of starting Marilyn, but stitching her at night wouldnt work as the light in our house is poor, so may take her on holiday instead, but thanks for the comments, there are all different shades of colours in her but i am going to omit the black background but stitch any black that is in her face.

Also the reason for White Rabbit shouting at me for being late is i forgot all about TUSAL

I love this picture as i always thought that the white rabbit  looked like he was suffering from a massive hangover.

I love this version by Micheal Kutsche , plus he’s not half bad looking too.

So my TUSAL this month has grown but all i seem to be stitching is black and brown, so there is not much colour in it.

Ignore the window, thats another job i have to do. Paint the woodwork and wash the windows, even though we live in a bungalow i still need a ladder to do the windows and it will  never get done if i ask the hubby!

And Finally…

the reason i have been so busy is that i have been painting the hall

cleaning outside decking ( how come its the only job that the kids want to do- well for 20 minutes anyway)

There was quite a lot to do ( even more behind me where i was stood)

and i cant believe my daughter had her coat on, it was red hot and it burnt the back of my neck.

so now i have a lovely clean decking with plants and chairs on with  gorgeous views, i am just waiting for the sunny weather to come back so i can stitch outside.

View from the Decking.

From the Back.

and from the side of the house ( we use the side door and when its pitch black in a morning, foggy and the church has lights shinning on it from the ground up and the trees are bare, it is bloody creepy like something off a horror film, but during the day it looks lovely- apart from the 2 hour bell ringing practise on a Friday night) just noticed you cant really see the church because of the trees butthe grave stones in their are old and yes i know its a bit morbid but are fascinating to read

Here is hoping that after i have done the kitchen it will be warm enough to sit outside, i mean i am on my holiday after all and since i am spending it at home I should at least pretend I’m not at home

TUSAL, Happy, and the winner is…..

Ok  no stitching to show as i have been too tired, but here is my TUSAL for this month…

don’t think it has really changed as i am that tight with my threads.

I am really happy today too as a shop in next village has opened that stocks the most amazing things, the wool is gorgeous and even though i couldnt knit if you paid me, i was tempted, maybe i could make posh pom poms 🙂

I did however buy some new scissors as my old ones have been used by husband when he was mending the car and got grease all over them and i ordered some magic guide as even though its no way as near as nice as stitching on Jazlyn it saves me loads of time with gridding.

The woman there at UNRAVEL CRAFTS ( yes i know the website is not up yet but she said it would be soon) also sells Weeks Dye Works threads, so no more going to sewandso and paying and waiting for postage, and silks!!

yes silks!

i could buy the colours i wanted one at a time, so i REALLY need a chart with little colours in them, i hear everyone who has stitched with silks rave on about them, so i am looking forward to stitching with them. I just have to find a conversion chart now to change them from dmc into Needlepoint Silk.

and finally the winner of the giveaway is… drum roll please …..JULLIE

List Randomizer

There were 23 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Jullie
  2. Lisa – hudds
  3. Sarah
  4. Kim
  5. Penny
  6. Amy
  7. Lesleyanne
  8. Lauren
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Vani
  11. Virpi
  12. Rachel
  13. Lisa
  14. Julie Nemitz
  15. Babs
  16. Cindy
  17. Candy
  18. Evaline
  19. Eileen
  20. Nina
  21. Stitchstitchknit
  22. Joanne P
  23. Caitlin

Timestamp: 2011-07-01 14:09:39 UTC

who is just starting out in the addictive world of cross stitch so congrats, left you a comment in your post for you to get in touch.

Now i need to get the sewing machine out and mend a curtain as my kids cant seem to shut it without trying to break it out the pole

TUSAL and 4 Days On Corsair


Yes i have finally managed to actually get my TUSAL in on time, not much going on with it, but i am so tight with my threads but it is growing slowly.
Here is four days stitching on Corsair, she is growing but i didnt put a stitch in her today, as i was making the most out of no internet connection and getting the kids to help me outside. I don’t really want to put it down but i need to spend a few extra days on Fragile Heart as i am falling way behind, if i want to actually finish a HAED this year.
This is what she looks like now…

and this is what she looked like before the May SAL…

i know what your thinking, wow she can stitch fast lol hoping i can redeem myself, but i am looking after my niece tomorrow so hoping this weekend will be better, will try and post a mid week update.


>Bugger, i knew i would forget to post my TUSAL, well better late than never. I even got rid of the jam jar too!!

On the stitching front i havent done any as i have been preparing for my new job, pah work who needs it!

>TUSAL and monotone stitching

>Well what can i say, black, black and more black and i am still only 3/4 of the page through, i am hoping to finish with all the black tomorrow as i am wanting to ‘colour’ in before i put it away on Friday.

And here is my TUSAL, on time too, woop woop ( lets see how long it lasts) most of my things are packed up so my orts are in a Baileys glass until i move and unpack and find something better to put them in. Can you see what’s left of the candle – hubby didn’t think to move it away from the fire, the dope!