Orts, New Toy and Freebie Bunny Pattern

Thank you everyone for the kind comments on this bleeding pain. No sewing to see, as the toothache is now an infection and my face looks like the Hunchback of Notredam, So i have been playing with my new toy.

I have had help from Sharon (AKA Daffycat) and she has told me what to do so hopefully it will work, as i have had a go at designing my own cross stitch.

After a lot of mistakes ( i made the design too small so it didnt  chart very well) i have gone from this, my first attempt at playing with the graphics tablet


to this…

yes i know its not brilliant but its my first attempt OK, not sure yet how I can get it on the web so people can get it so until then I am afraid people will have to email me ( mail at weestitchy dot com) .

Going to start stitching it up to see what it looks like.

Here is my ORTS jar for this month, not bad for me.


and finally its been a lovely sunny day and while i was sat outside on the decking  i could hear this nose like a bunsen burner i looked up and 100 yards above me was this, i would love to go up on one of those on a sunny day.

hope everyone has had a good weekend


Pains, Small Stitches and Pills

First of all… My laptop is mended!!!! and no it didnt cost me more than a new laptop neither, why is it everyone is out to make money out of people, i mended it myself so i am FINALLY back online oh how I missed you little Internet land.

Next is an update of Sadness Of An Angel, still not finished the background or face completed as i STILL have toothache.


I am just not in the mood to stitch at all, the pain is terrible and the painkillers are a waste of time, i got an emergency appointment today but my Dentist as on holiday so i sat nervously in the chair of a dentist i didn’t know ( at this stage i was in so much pain i didnt care what they did as long as they took it away) and sat while he knocked his metal stick thingy on my teeth while i tried not to jump out of the chair only for him to tell me to take some antibiotics and come back in five days if i am still in pain, when my normal dentist is back.


So now i am miserable, I had a tin of lukewarm soup so i could take my tablets then a drink of water and the pain was so bad after he had banged my teeth that i was crying with pain, not crying like a kid but with tears that i couldnt stop as it was that painful.

Yes this week has been a REALLY bad week, with Dentists, my eldest doing something so awful its the worst thing that a child could do to a parent,  and my doctor telling me i need counselling because of it and some little pills to make me feel better ( which i haven’t got yet as i would prefer stitching to be my drug) it has been a really shitty week, at least i am back properly in blogland.

Now I only have 5 months worth of back reading  and commenting to catch up on… I may not pick a needle up all week 🙂

Pass Me The Nurofen

where the writing went from my previous post is any guess. i really need to get a new laptop but can’t see that happening anytime soon, which is really annoying as the laptop i have is 14 months old and it needs a new screen but would Cost nearly as much as a new laptop to fix so until then i am plodding along with my phone which is slower than being on dial up.

anyway here is the missing writing from the previous post…

I was wanting to show the finished face but i have had toothache really bad – that’s why i hate going to the dentist i have just paid £204 to fix  my teeth and have come back with worse pain than before.
so it has affected how much i have got done.

At the moment i am working over four pages and just stitching any area that picks my eye. last night i watched Alcatraz, C S I ( i still miss Grissom but prefer Ted Danson’s character to Ray  Langston) and Suits- hubby went to bed early so i made good  use  of being able to hold the remote control. So i stitched part of the background last night in between swallowing painkillers and waiting for then to kick in. i didn’t want to stitch something i had to concentrate on too much.

i am hoping to try and continue with this one till the end of the month to stop me looking at the HAED site as i have put snowman by Ruth Sanderson in my cart so many times. yes i know i have more than enough started my hubby keeps reminding me 🙂


Not much to show with Dreaming On The Farm i did  manage to finish off all the white clouds on but that’s about it.


Then i decided to switch to Sadness Of An Angel, i was a bit worried that with it being a mini that they detail would be lost, so i have started to concentrate on her face, this way i can compare the one on HAED’s Gallery and see the difference,

all weekend i couldn’t see what i was doing but i love it when you step back and it comes to life, and it has sparkle in it, yes i know some people hate stitching with Krienik but with small threads and some thread heaven i don’t mind it, i think the wings will look really good with a amount of sparkle in it, ( although i may not be saying that at the end lol)






it might look better the more of the face  i complete

Muttering Like Muttley

I am peeved today, can you see why?

yes i run out of DMC 762 so i bought some more, and carried on stitching, it wasnt until i got stitching next to the old thread that i could tell something was off, I really need to invest in a good light. The difference on colour is really off and it is the same number this is the second time this has happened to me this month!

First lesson dont stitch in blocks as you can really see the line especially when something like this happens

I must have had the thread in for years but who would have thought they would have been a difference, so really peeved about it, I am not going to frog it, i will hope as i get further in that i wont look straight at it.

Anyway CD has now been put away and this week i am working on DOTF

I have decided to stitch the sky this week,  so it will give me a idea of how big it will be, so hoping that i get  all the sky done and maybe start the rainbow.




also here if a close up of DREAMING ON THE FARM, can any of you tell what I am showing you?

I was supposed to be working on the HAED BB SAL Lovers, but i dont like how it is turning out, it was between two charts and i wished i had gone with the tiger, so not sure to just plod on or leave it

and finally thanks for all the comments i do read your blogs but i cant leave comments as i am using the net on my phone, which to be honest is pretty naff!!