yes i know i havent posted any updates i will when i can find the bleeding camera, but the reason for this post is a little Christmas giveaway.

I know its not even Decemeber yet but i want you to get it early. Now its nothing major so no need to get excited but it is something for  you to Frame and keep each year.

I got my parcel this week from Hannah Lynn and Christmas Miracle is more stunning in person than i could have imagined. In the parcel was two christmas cards for me of the same design, my sister has already took one and it is now hanging on her wall, the other i am going to giveaway here, yes i did warn you its not a lot but i say its the thought that counts.

So if you would like to recieve the Christmas Miracle Christmas Card

( which i will leave blank in case you want to send it to someone ) leave a comment, simple, draw will close on the 4th December, if you follow me through email you get an extra go, post about it on your blog, an extra go, you get the drift.

Now i had better get off the laptop as i went to change my HAED wishlist and added more to it! keep hinting at hubby but alas hes a man and has selective hearing lol


I’m A Woman I’m Allowed To Change My Mind!

Have you ever stitched something to giveaway, then decided to keep it? No? Just me then 😮

I didn’t know if it was the right thing to send or not, now i am not religous, and only go to church when i have to, but how do you know if someone would be offended if they got a Jospeh, Mary and Jesus ornament, not forgetting the Little Donkey. SO i decided to keep it for myself and send something else 🙄

I just have to make it into an ornament ( argh!) will post a picture when the person gets it

now this week is the confetti SAL on HAED BB so its back to Rapunzel