>Happy Dance Time


OK finally its happy dance time, and i am SO glad i have finished this one, after two full on weeks of backstitching i got it done!
Now since i am on a roll finishing off things i started two years ago,  so i have restarted (again ) the wedding sampler. I spent all weekend finishing off the stitching so yes, i have some more backstitching to do , lovely!
Hoping it wont take me as long to get this one backstitched and beaded up as i didnt realise i had so many unfinis

>Update of The Gypsy Wagon

>Didn’t manage to finish the backstitching but this is what it looked like when I finished the cross stitching. This is not a design to stitch if you don’t like back stitching! Hoping to finish it by next weekend.

Happy Stitching


>How Many Times Have You Re-Started Something

>OK I have stitching to show, i have been reading peoples blogs on  my ipod as my computer died a death ( ie the kids put all their crap on it and made it run slowwww) but now i have my own, yes own, not kids allowed to touch laptop, hubby can though so not all good news, though i gave him a stern talking to. No going on dodgy websites AT ALL!!! yes and the finger came out pointing too, so its offical i have turned into my mum lol.

Anyway back to stitching, after some nagging from my hubby i have finished another page of Bothy threads Cut Thru Gypsy Wagon, 4 down 2 to go, then the dreaded backstitch and theres a LOT!

And i have done some more of my wedding sampler, not much but since i have changed using the metallics thread to satin threads for the names i will fly through them this week, and will be starting the dreaded back stitch soon on this one too, at least HAED dont have back stitch in them…
and finally I really wanted to finish page one of Paradisal Bird, but alas no joy as everytime i picked it up the kids started playing up, hubby needed something you know how it goes, anyway this week is the Freebie SK SAL on the HAED Bulletin Board and i have restarted this piece 5 times!!!!!
First  attempt28ct 2 x 2 (cross stitch) – too gappy, the white showed through
Second attempt 20ct 2 x 1 ( cross stitch) – this was the other way around, too bulky and looked really scrunched up.
Third attempt 28 ct 1 x1 ( tent stitch) – too gappy again maybe i needed  to use two threads
Fourth attempt 28ct 2 x 1 (tent stitch)  yuck tent stitch, says it all really hated it, great for fast stitching but looking close up didnt look nice, so at least i now know that i prefer cross to tent
Fifth attempt 28ct 1 x 1 ( cross stitch) yes finally , why didnt i do this from the start i could have finished this one twice over the amount ot restarting i have done on this piece.

>Spending, Stitching and a Surprising Return

>OK i have been too busy to blog, i started to stitch some more of my wedding sampler.

I bought two more charts ( well i couldnt help myself,) and yes more boobs, another one that my mum will frown on, but even my youngest loves this one, she says it reminds her of Avatar, and a butterfly fairy, which i love her eyes.

I also started on Alena Lazareva’s Mermaid, not much to see really but i am liking stitching on 25ct, and can you believe there is other 2500 stitches here, after a week. not a great progress but its a start.

And finally I had a lovely surprise I got my Gypsy wagon back!

A woman discovered it in her caravan when she went off at Christmas so she went to the last caravan site she was at and the site owner still had my address on file and remembered me- probably with all the moaning i did at him. So here it is, a little dirty but nothing that wont wash out.

I am now going to decide what i am going to stitch for the remainder of this week , carry on with mermaid or have a new start and rotate my work on a weekly basis.

>The Witches Are A Brewing (Finished in other words)

>Finally finished Brig & Doon, cant believe it took so long doing it Vonnas way, that i actually went back to the old way of using the needle and much quicker, but yes the threads were getting tangled and twisted again, pah! i give up, either slow and neater or faster but not as neat, will have to see how the mood takes me.But i did enjoy stitching it why didnt i start stitching for halloween before there are so many designs that i want to stitch.
I bought some glow in the dark thread by DMC so i want to stitch something for halloween with that.

I am also struggling which LK desgin to chose for the LK exchange, i have narrowed it down now so i will let me duaghter chose, so hopefully i will get it sent off by next week.
And i have finally done some more work on the gypsy wagon, i finshed all the red on page 3. I have decided that there are that many colour changes per page that i am going to do each colour then move onto the next,i just hope that i havent gone wrong along the line, else i will be pulling my hair out!!,

>Happy Dances, New Starts and a Winner ( oh and plenty of pictures)

Yes I am late posting but bloody dial up is a nightmare, anyway I have been stitching all night and every morning to get Marilyn finsihed beofre i go on my hols tomorrow, camping in Cornwall, lovely if its sunny, shite if its raining all day.

Now I have started on Bothy Threads Cut-Thru Gypsy wagon, I am taking this on holiday so i might have a bit more done when i get back.I also got this adorable pinkeep from Becky, I love the fabric she chose for the back, I really enjoyed this exchange, so i have signed up for round two

And I can finally reveal the first pin keep i stitched for the Lizzie Kate exchange, think i got carried away with the pins though., and i hope its the case of practise makes perfect.!!!!

And here is another ATC i stitched for Marie way over in Australia.

And finally the winner of the goodies from my 100th post giveaway is……… LORI!!!!, so email me your address ( email address is in my profile) and i will post them off to you as soon as i get back from my hols!!!

Would you believe it has took me nearly two hours to load all the pictures on here today, and i should be packing not surfing, oh well.

>Bit Pathetic Really!


Pathetic start, or what!

That’s it, all i got done on the Gypsy caravan, for a full week.

To be honest i have felt like crap all week and the last thing i wanted to do was stitch. so i am really disappointed with what i got done. BUT my wedding sampler came so i am going to sit and work on that today, what bliss, i love it when it snows and i get the day off. It is also on the enchanted needle website now to buy.It is everything that i asked. i said what i would like to be put on, and what i liked about her designs that Wendy already had what i would like included and here it is!!!showed hubby it was on the website last night and he said that he is famous ha, in your dreams boyo. fingers are itching to start, will put my progress what i get done today on later