Muttering Like Muttley

I am peeved today, can you see why?

yes i run out of DMC 762 so i bought some more, and carried on stitching, it wasnt until i got stitching next to the old thread that i could tell something was off, I really need to invest in a good light. The difference on colour is really off and it is the same number this is the second time this has happened to me this month!

First lesson dont stitch in blocks as you can really see the line especially when something like this happens

I must have had the thread in for years but who would have thought they would have been a difference, so really peeved about it, I am not going to frog it, i will hope as i get further in that i wont look straight at it.

Anyway CD has now been put away and this week i am working on DOTF

I have decided to stitch the sky this week,  so it will give me a idea of how big it will be, so hoping that i get  all the sky done and maybe start the rainbow.




also here if a close up of DREAMING ON THE FARM, can any of you tell what I am showing you?

I was supposed to be working on the HAED BB SAL Lovers, but i dont like how it is turning out, it was between two charts and i wished i had gone with the tiger, so not sure to just plod on or leave it

and finally thanks for all the comments i do read your blogs but i cant leave comments as i am using the net on my phone, which to be honest is pretty naff!!

and the winner is… Me and ……

OK first of all update time for DOTF

but you can just about to see her


Next after a truly awful week i found this in my email

this is the first time i have ever had anything RAKed and i LOVE her she has been one of three that i kept looking at and going back to.

I have the fabby just wondering if i should stitch her in silks. This really has made my month!

and last but not least i forgot to say who won the card ( did i mention it was a truly crappy time i was having lol)

any the person who my daughter picked out of the hat ( ok bowl) is Thea

I think that is it for now, off to print off my Angel now i already have a place for her above my bed to watch over me and hubby likes her too ( thinks it the boobs again lol) 🙂

Slowly Coming Alive

Yes I have FINALLY got back into the groove, housework pah it will still be there later!

Here is how far i have got with DOTF.

I am going to go onto the next page so i can see her face, but also so i can finsih the rainbow and then move onto the sky. I thought i would try a new way of stitching these, as with a normal pattern on one page i would just stitch a certain thing ie the sky then move onto the next thing, but with HAED’s I stitch a page at a time. it might not work but with it pregridded it should be ok.


Its also that time of year again when its SAL time, and this year i said no, as i was really bad  i hated stitching on 18ct for fragile heart, so its still no where near done, i am thinking of restarting her on 25 or 28ct,  but when i saw Lovers that flew out of the window, so even though i was VERY tempted to buy Sadness of an Angel, i resisted and will concentrate on the ones i have and the new start in the new year, how good am I? 🙂

OK So I Treated Myself

Yes i know a pool table is a big present but its not something i would have put on my list, but then when i saw a certain person who will make me skint (Hannah Lynn) put CHRISTMAS MIRACLE on ebay

i decided to have a go and bid for it, and guess what i won!!!! Woo Hooo!!

This will be my second original from Hannah, the first is a one off no prints but this one i will be the owner of the original!

I have also started on Dreaming On The Farm again, as off last night this is where i got to

from this when i last worked on here in MAY!!! shame on me!


can you tell the difference, No? keep flipping between them see.. yes there is hardly NO difference. I will be working on her all month so hoping you will be the end of November.

>Quick Update


Did very Little stitching this week, on DOTF life seems to get in the way. But i AM going to finish this bleeding page this week, i am!!

Now must get back to planning this menu out for school, hubby back soon and i said i wouldnt touch the computer  and my stitching, will be glad when its next week and i get 5 days off work!


>I  have made little progress of anything since i moved, as you will see, but I MUST finish the baby sampler, as last weekend was the Christening, and Charlottes first Birthday was today, so I really need to get it done.

As for my others well, I am still on page one of Fragile Heart, even though the second page has been mailed out to us.

I did make a start on Marilyn, but alas you cant tell which part it is yet, i think its near her face.

I am still on page one of DOTF, i think my goals are going to fail miserably this year!

Here is my start of Daffodil Springs, another Hannah Lynn which was my treat for moving, yes like i need ANOTHER new start.

And finally here is a piccie of the cupcakes i made for my nieces christening/birthday, not happy with some of them as my hubby was complaining saying i was getting the buttercream was too near the edge, but i prefer them that way, but i have got to make some more, for a child’s birthday that was at the christening, so i will do it my way this time!

>Shopping Spree revealed and a few progress pictures


Well I made a start on the baby sampler, as i thought the christening was in a few weeks, but that’s been put on hold so there is no rush now, so i will work on it once a month, so i am classing this as Novembers work.

I can also reveal what i bought on my shopping spree ( without even leaving the house)

Yes it is a Mirabilia’s  Royal Holiday and Lizzie Kate’s Christmas Rules, in the kit for Royal Holiday i got Linen fabric, which to be honest i hate stitching on, so i have ordered some from Silkweaver, I am hoping that it wont take too long to come, as i cant wait to get started on her, but i did start on Lizzie kate’s Christmas Rules.

Its stitched on 28ct Ivory Jazlyn, which i love stitching on, definitely my fabric now i want to stitch on.

I have also stitched some more of DOTF, did a few days on it. You can actually see some of the antique white now, the blue is next to it.
Here is a quick update of my mermmie, still not got page 3 finished but i am stitching page four too, i have a pile or ironing that needs to be done, but i cant put her down!

And finally here is what i bought from HAED….

By Randal Spangler, Home is Where The Magic Is… a meer 48 pages of charts, yes this is one serious long term project, and then i bought this…

Vixie by Hannah Lynn. I bought both in colour chart format and i love them, now when they will get started on i have no idea. 

>Sneak Previews

>Since I cant stitch i’m going to show you the terrible updates i have made, some are not worth the photo, but i need to finish (or start) the baby sampler as i think its the christening next month.

                                     This is what it is supposed to look like when i have finished

This is what it looks like at the moment.
See terrible, i am hoping that it will spur me on
This is what i have done on Paradisal Bird, since i started it
i don’t like it, i don’t know if its because i don’t like the colour of the evenweave and if it was white it would show more, but i chose this because of the dark greens that are in it, i didn’t want them showing through, but maybe if i did a bit on it i would get back into it.
here is the progress i made on Dreaming On The Farm.
 there is 2000 stitches here, but the antique white makes it hard to tell, especially with the gridding, i hope that it washes out ok.

                                      And finally this is a piece of art by Brigid Ashwood, which i adore.

 i love the pin up style and have wanted to stitch something like this for years, i can only hope that this becomes available to buy on HAED

>little progress

>well not much to show really, on the HAED BB i joined another SAL, this time Light Of The World. and where some people are nearly finishing there second page, but life gets in the way here so i only managed about a 1000 stitches.

Also on my DOTF, that has been slow too only 500 stitches in that so not worth  showing that then, and then to top it off i have to start the baby sampler for my nieces christening, which she has now sprung on me will be happening sometime next month

>A Near Disaster Averted, for A Happy Dance

>OK another finish, yes I didn’t exactly stick to the chart as i thought it had enough on it and i didn’t want to overdo it and yes it is a week late as my wedding anniversary was last monday but i did it, nearly had to throw it out as i scorched it when i was ironing it, I couldn’t believe it the first time i scorch something ironing, and its it a crappy shirt that i wanted to throw out, no its the bleeding wedding sampler that took me nearly 18 months to complete, but after a tip from a friend i finally got it out. You can see it a bit but only from the back.

Now i really want to start HAED’s Dreaming On The Farm but i have so much to do, but i think i should stitch what i want to at that moment, so with that i decided to actually sort out my threads, I had boxes filled with threads for different pieces but i didn’t want to have to order more, so i sorted them all out yesterday while trying to watch Ugly Betty ( hubby kept turning it over to some war film that he had seen 20 times before- so there was a battle of wills in our house yesterday)

and i couldn’t believe how many duplicates of threads i have i mean how many bobbins of one colour do i need?
So the good news is that i don’t need any threads for DOTF, woop woop!