Return Of The Bug?

Well I wouldn’t go so far, i know a new start might kick my arse in gear but i have loads of new starts and then i get fed up, but i did stitch this little cutie.

I have no idea if the person it got sent to recieved it or not, i was pushing to get it to her on time but with my granddads funeral and my dad in hospital I forgot all about it.

The pattern can be find on etsy here, stitched 1 x 1 on 28ct Jazlyn, he is cute but my finishing sucks.

In return i received this from Cucki, and is now hanging on my room wall. ( not sure why my camera is not making it clear, i may be having one of those days

Not sure what to do next as NOTHING is shouting at me much 😦


Small Finish

Just managed a small finish, but not  happy how it turned out, love stitching chickadee as it only take a few nights but my finishing skills are slightly bad, well terrible actually lol.

The more i tried to make it better the worse it got, so i gave up, and yes my idea was to make into a heart and i bought a bell to make the bottom but it doesnt look right, i think i should have not bothered with that part, oh well you live and learn.

Just waiting for the fray check to dry then i can start stitching on… ( still not decided 🙂 )

I’m A Woman I’m Allowed To Change My Mind!

Have you ever stitched something to giveaway, then decided to keep it? No? Just me then 😮

I didn’t know if it was the right thing to send or not, now i am not religous, and only go to church when i have to, but how do you know if someone would be offended if they got a Jospeh, Mary and Jesus ornament, not forgetting the Little Donkey. SO i decided to keep it for myself and send something else 🙄

I just have to make it into an ornament ( argh!) will post a picture when the person gets it

now this week is the confetti SAL on HAED BB so its back to Rapunzel


Fragile Heart Page 3

So I finally finished page 3, ok not finished but the outline for the top of the design is all done. I was hoping to get page 4 done as well, but we were lucky enough to get tickets to see Harry Potter before its general release so I didn’t have time to start it before i moved on.

I also have stitched some more outline of a chart that i am doing for someone, not saying which is just yet, (but you might be able to tell as it grows) stitched on 28ct i wanted to get all the black done on this page before I moved onto something else, but yet again NO TIME ARGH!!!

and finally…

I have to stitch an christmas ornament for a exchange of facebook I have not done one in years so i thought i would give it another go, anyway after WEEKS of changing my mind, not knowing what i am going to stitch i have finally made my mind up, but its not everyones cup of tea so hoping i have made the right decision,

I was going to stitch on plastic canvas then i was going to make it into an actual ball but i was not sure that it would get  here in time, so i am going to stitch it on 28ct ( i think) and decide how i am going to finish it later on.

will post a picture of it tomorrow… still not sure though