>Happy Dance Time – Finally


Yes, i have been stitching, but not much as it seems since i have moved all i do is work get home tidy house go to bed early and i am up at 4 for work again, stitching seemed to have stopped.
But one reason is this little thing, I have finally finished it, well all I am doing anyway.
I didn’t enjoy stitching this, and i was determined not to stitch anything else till i did, yes i know its stupid, but if i had put it aside I would have never finished it, so I am going to find a frame for it and get it to my sisters as soon as possible as I am sick of seeing it!
Mermmie has been screaming out to me every time i saw her, so tonight after my 8 hours stuck in a meeting. she will have some stitches put in her!
Well my goals are some what unrealistic but i have done at least one.

>Happy Dance, Surprises and The Winner Is….


Had a lovely surprise in the post when i got home yesterday, as i won a giveaway on Sharon’s blog, and its perfect. i have also got my very first hand dyed thread, so I am itching to start using it, i may have to incorporate it into the LK Friendship chart, Thank You Sharon!!

I have also done my very first project on the sewing machine that i had to follow using a pattern. I bought the fabric on a whim as i loved the colours and to be honest i don’t know about it now, but i still love the finished product. I used Amy Butlers swing bag pattern and it was really easy to follow. i haven’t put a bow on it, i think its fussy enough, but this is the start of the bag making for me, so i won’t have the hubby moaning on about wanting another handbag.

My hubby was surprised i chose a easy pattern to start with, as he says i always jump straight in. When i first started cross stitching, my very first thing i stitched was this Country Companion’s design, i had never stitched a thing and it was a challenge but i soon got into it, i think i will have to go a little slower on the sewing machine though, there’s all these terms that i have to keep looking up what they mean, so no dear hubby i wont be making you a jacket for fishing, not just yet! lol

Oh i forgot to mention Kim I need you adress to post off the LK easter Samplers to you as your name was picked out!

>Doing The Dance!!


Yes its sunday morning and I am doing the dance!

I have very proudly done my first zip, and it looks ace!! Yes I am blowing my own trumpet, and it took me an hour to make, but WOOOOOO HOOOO lol

Its a pencil case for my youngset who starts a new school tomorrow so i thought i would surprise her, as she has been dieing to get her hands on this fabric, how cute does it look lol

>My First Happy Dance Of The Year


I have been so busy all week, what with decorating, varnishing and been a taxi for the kids ( you know your old when your children have better social lives than you do), that i havent been able to show the progress that I have made with my birthday present that the children bought me, I finally finished it tonight and now i cant wait to stitch anything to do with Christmas

I love Christmas, buy Hubby hates it says it just an excuse to get into debt, i keep telling him you dont have to be rich to enjoy it, and we have told the kids that it wont be a lot they get and they understand that having trainers costing £100, ( which i will never buy them as think what a waste of money) and the latest gadget isnt going to be the death if them, but i still cant wait to go out and buy a tree and decorate it. last year I had just under 300 baubles, luckily they were not in the house when we had the fire so we still have them, we did however lose the artifical tree that the mum-in-law gave us, so at least something good did come from the fire lol

>Happy Dance, Finally Finished Christmas Chickadee


Well i have finally finished my Christmas Chickadee, after two attempts lol.

I started it Thursday night and by Sunday Morning this is how much I had done.

I was determined to finish it, so i didn’t really move from the chair last night just sat and watched TV that I recorded on Sky+, and finished it, apart from the back stitching, last night.

I didn’t want to go to work today and not finish it, so this morning I did the back stitching. It wasn’t as bad as the Chorus line, as there was hardly any to do, which I was glad about as its not my favourite part.

The finished result looks so much better than it does in the picture, as the silver fleck doesn’t come off that well when i scanned it in, and the metallic red that i used for the berries, looks really dark too, but in real life it catches the light and looks really good. Thats the trouble with metallic it looks rubbish when on here

The trouble is now, do I send it on a Christmas card, or keep it for myself. I really love this design and about 95% of what i have stitched this year has been for other people, the trouble is I chose designs that I like to stitch and I would keep for myself most of the time, so where do you draw the line lol

I have just found out today that I have also got an interview for a job that I applied for, running my own school kitchen. I would still be working for the local council, but it would be a promotion .I would be doing it on my own but there are only 45 kids, and the pay is nearly double to what I am on now, so even though I love the job I do now, as it is really easy and I don’t have to think about it. The money would come in so handy, especially with Christmas mas coming up.
Decisions, decisions, takes me all my time to decide whihc pattern to stitch next, never mind do i change my job or not!! lol

>Happy Dance Chorus Line Finished!!!!!

Wow I have finally finished the Chorus Line. I started this last November, then I lost my stitching bug, when I finally got it back I was so sick off seeing it in the drawer that I put it away. I made myself finish it though before I start QS MotherHood, which will be my first HAED.

It was really strange when I picked up the Chorus Line again, since I had been stitching on 28ct evenweave, one over one, and then when I went back onto stitching on 14ct Aida it felt like I was stitching on Binca.

The backstitch was a real pain in the arse, as I am not a fan of backstitch, it takes me ages to do, and even though I wanted to get it done by Tuesday I didn’t finish it till Thursday. That will teach me to say that I am going to finish something on a certain day, It never goes to plan in my house.

Just got to get it framed now and hubby says that I will have to paint the kitchen now since the picture I am replacing it with is a different size and it will show the muck, cheeky sod!!! lol

I also got the ipod that I have wanted since it came out ( well the nano version anyway)
its a present from my dad to me for all the running about I do for him,taking him shopping, hospital, bank etc, he cant drive and has emphysema ( you wouldn’t believe how many times I have tried to spell that before I got it right) but he still smokes like a bloody chimney!!
He bought me the hot pink version since my daughter has the silver one so we wouldn’t fall out when they got mixed up lol

So I’m of to see what music i can download onto it, then at least I can listen to my stuff( and not Kelly Clarkson and Girls Aloud- which the girls have on constantly!!), might have a go at putting a podcast on it too, since I missed The Apprentice this week(arghhhh I have just seen who got fired this week when I went to put the link for it on here, oh crap!!)