Not been blogging as i lost my bug, where it buggered off to i have no idea, Since school started back in Septmeber it has been awful, work, home the lot but last night I picked up Royal Holiday from mirabilia. I have had her kitted her up for over a year so after an hour she looked like this…

impressive or what!!

I am FINALLY posting the pic of what i did for IHSW over on Joyce’s Blog, yes bad bad me, late as usual. I did Lizzie Kate’s Christmas Rules, one down eleven to go. I think I may concentrate on this for next IHSW.

Also can you make out my new rug, everyone hates it, but i dont care lol Yes this is my treat to me, for losing a stone.

and i admit it I am watching Finding Nemo, (Callum wouldnt move his big feet lol)

YES i know it is hardly a small treat, especially when the hubby promised me he would buy me a charm for every stone i lost, but bought me a plasma instead ( which by the way he holds the remote control like his life depends on it, so i think its an excuse,  buying it for me but what is it with men and remote controls? lol)

So far after three weeks i have lost 17 1/2 lbs only another 66 1/2 to go argh!!

This week has not been that great though as i have not lost any, i know weigh in  is not till  tomorrow but on my scales it says i put on, hmm must be more strict next week, if i can loose 11 lbs for christmas though it will be two stones and i may be able to tell, as at the moment i cant tell a difference, and thanks for the kind comments for my pic, its just a really good pic of me sat down stood up, though and yuck lol

I was going to start my ironing now but nah going to do a bit more of RH, i still havent bobbinated my threads yet for it*sigh


Baking and Dieting Do Not Mix

It has nearly killed me making these for  the hubby, and while he is sitting scoffing all the cupcakes i am crunching on a carrot stick, yum, yum

They do look better than this pic but since i put my camera away in a safe place it may be a while before i find it and they will be all gone by then.

I am also battling myself, I have willpower… somewhere. I stopped smoking (twice but they where 10 years apart) but the battle with food is one i have not cracked (YET!)

so i am now going to shame myself, as for 4 years since i started blogging i have never shown a pic of me, there is good reason for this, being that i probably don’t have photos of me unless i REALLY have to, however i was given this so at my lowest point i am putting my picture of before me, and then hopefully by NEXT YEAR ( if i say it fast it doesn’t sound that long) i will be able to look back and think wow  or i could just think by Christmas, Well that lasted 😦

And Finally…

I took part in IHSW over on Joyce’s Blog, and pah can you believe it but i couldn’t get rid of visitors, yes the weekend when i was quite content to sink into my chair and watch movies and let the world go by,  i had a stream of people, so not much done.

i will have to post piccies tomorrow as hubby is needing the laptop, typical!