Does Anyone Fancy Putting My Threads Back?

Finally finished page one of Lady Godiva. It has took me three days to stitch this bleeding horse, why so long you ask?

Well this is why…

46 colours!! yes 46 colours in the horses head, it was driving me to distraction!

it got harder and harder to stitch the colours, so i am going to have to see about another way of fastening threads, as i was sure i was going to break the needle.

think i am going to do my mermaid next and try and finish the page, i need to see that ship,  ahoy me mateys!

oh i forgot, I caved ( yes buying no more charts lasted all of two weeks lol)

i just had to, she’s mermaid and red/pink, what more can i say

Well at least i didnt buy any of of them Nene’s

I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Very Very Late

Yes like the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland, I am late Posting My TUSAL, I have been really busy though, painting, washing decking as well as the normal jobs. Tomorrow I am tackling the kitchen cupboards, which i hate, as  I am wanting to try and finish page one of Lady Godiva.

This was taken two days ago and its hard to believe what a few more colours difference it has made, I am trying to finish off the page this week before I move onto something else.

I am thinking of starting Marilyn, but stitching her at night wouldnt work as the light in our house is poor, so may take her on holiday instead, but thanks for the comments, there are all different shades of colours in her but i am going to omit the black background but stitch any black that is in her face.

Also the reason for White Rabbit shouting at me for being late is i forgot all about TUSAL

I love this picture as i always thought that the white rabbit  looked like he was suffering from a massive hangover.

I love this version by Micheal Kutsche , plus he’s not half bad looking too.

So my TUSAL this month has grown but all i seem to be stitching is black and brown, so there is not much colour in it.

Ignore the window, thats another job i have to do. Paint the woodwork and wash the windows, even though we live in a bungalow i still need a ladder to do the windows and it will  never get done if i ask the hubby!

And Finally…

the reason i have been so busy is that i have been painting the hall

cleaning outside decking ( how come its the only job that the kids want to do- well for 20 minutes anyway)

There was quite a lot to do ( even more behind me where i was stood)

and i cant believe my daughter had her coat on, it was red hot and it burnt the back of my neck.

so now i have a lovely clean decking with plants and chairs on with  gorgeous views, i am just waiting for the sunny weather to come back so i can stitch outside.

View from the Decking.

From the Back.

and from the side of the house ( we use the side door and when its pitch black in a morning, foggy and the church has lights shinning on it from the ground up and the trees are bare, it is bloody creepy like something off a horror film, but during the day it looks lovely- apart from the 2 hour bell ringing practise on a Friday night) just noticed you cant really see the church because of the trees butthe grave stones in their are old and yes i know its a bit morbid but are fascinating to read

Here is hoping that after i have done the kitchen it will be warm enough to sit outside, i mean i am on my holiday after all and since i am spending it at home I should at least pretend I’m not at home

First Update Of Lady Godiva

OK here she is the one i have decided to start, Lady Godiva.

I decided I didn’t like the cream when it came, and the white i got was for White Tiger, which i was going to try tenting, so in the end i decided to try tenting Lady Godiva, i don’t know if i have made the right decision, alas only time will tell.

Anyway this is two days of stitching, and i am surprised that i can see the column taking shape, the back is a lot thicker than it is when i am stitching with full crosses, but I seem to have the tension right as its not gappy, but i am just hoping that it is not too tight when doing the confetti stitching. Can you tell that I am having doubts now 😦

I also made a desision on a personnel note to go the doctors and ask for help with my weight, i have never been small, I have a large frame, and my shoulders are nearly as wide as my husbands, so yes im afraid I will never been slim my hips wont allow it, but i want to be happy.

I have moved back to where i lived when i was 19 and 3 kids, stopping smoking ( twice) and 18 years later i have put on 4 stone, how did that happen? I hate going out in case I see someone i know from my past, how sad is that, its my fault and now im moaning, well i have to wait two weeks to be referred and for 12 short weeks i will have all the help i need, not sure that 12 weeks is long enough, 12 years maybe 🙂

So I am hoping that I will gets loads of stitching done to help me, keep my hands busy and all that.



I Caved ( just don’t tell the hubby)

After a terrible week with my eldest daughter, i needed cheering up so with there being a 30% sale on over at HAED I went and cheered myself up with two charts, White Tiger By David Penfound


and then i bought Lady Godiva by John Maler Collier. Did you know he painted this in 1898! I kept going back to this picture over and over, and in the end i just had to have it.

My husband says I  have a thing for naked women, MEN!

I was contemplating stitching her in silks, but the cost would have been over £220 and even if i bought 4 threads a week, it is far too much, so DMC it is.

I did go back and pick up Rapunzel too, i hate getting beaten, so slow and steady it has been with her, i am hoping to stitch another 4 colours into her and then put it away this month, and yes I call them him or her… come to think of it i have no HIM’s, think the White Tiger is a HIM.

Hoping my fabric that i ordered from sewandso come soon, I think I have enough charts to keep me going for a few years now