Help Needed

So I am wide awake last night and was trying to figure out, how i can stitch faster to complete the charts i have, i mean my finishes are terrible, so the question here that i am sure you will be able to help is this…


If I stitched Marilyn on black evenweave (Jobelan – never stitched on this before but if someone could give me a heads up on what’s it like would appreciate it) could i miss out the black background, this would then leave me to just stitch the other colours.

I don’t know if this would work as there is black  between the left of her face and her hair, and i am not sure if i should omit this too, or should i stitch all the colours and see what this looks like, any theories on this would be much appreicated.




>I  have made little progress of anything since i moved, as you will see, but I MUST finish the baby sampler, as last weekend was the Christening, and Charlottes first Birthday was today, so I really need to get it done.

As for my others well, I am still on page one of Fragile Heart, even though the second page has been mailed out to us.

I did make a start on Marilyn, but alas you cant tell which part it is yet, i think its near her face.

I am still on page one of DOTF, i think my goals are going to fail miserably this year!

Here is my start of Daffodil Springs, another Hannah Lynn which was my treat for moving, yes like i need ANOTHER new start.

And finally here is a piccie of the cupcakes i made for my nieces christening/birthday, not happy with some of them as my hubby was complaining saying i was getting the buttercream was too near the edge, but i prefer them that way, but i have got to make some more, for a child’s birthday that was at the christening, so i will do it my way this time!

>It’s Beginning To Look A Bit Like Christmas

>My news years resolution should be do finish something i start. As blogging everyday didn’t go to plan. But thats Christmas for you.
Anyway i am showing the very little progress i have done on Mermaid, can you see them 20 stitches? No, well honestly they are there!

Took the photo on my new christmas present, well to be honest hubby bought a camera and said it was a joint present for both of us to each other. Now i know i shouldn’t be ungrateful but he wanted a camera so got it i didn’t want it, yes its better than our old camera but it wasn’t high on my list of ‘must get’, so will i get to unwrap a handbag, purse even some glovers or slippers on christmas day, No as i have it now, yes i am feeling in a very selfish mood tonight, bloody men well it could have been worse, it could have been some tool or kitchen appliance i got.

Grumpy Bev has now left the building, so back to normal service…
The 2011 Weekly Stitch-A-Long Blog is now up and people can join in and i have put on to carry on with mermaid, but i bought this chart from Celtic Rose Needlecraft,

some of you will know that i have stitched Marilyn before in the 2009 SAL blog. So i am not bot sure which to put forward for the blog.

There is also another SAL i am doing on the HAED BB. From the 5 charts i chose Hannah Lynn Fragile Heart, I have got the floss list emailed through to me so i know have to get my fabby sorted out and make sure i have all the floss, as this also starts on the 1st Jan 2011.

Will i finish a design next year, who knows i managed to finish 2 UFO’s this year, i am hoping to finish at least one next year, and as for reaching my yearly goal on the HAED BB of finishing 4 pages of Mermaid, well that is looking less likely all the time

>Happy Dances, New Starts and a Winner ( oh and plenty of pictures)

Yes I am late posting but bloody dial up is a nightmare, anyway I have been stitching all night and every morning to get Marilyn finsihed beofre i go on my hols tomorrow, camping in Cornwall, lovely if its sunny, shite if its raining all day.

Now I have started on Bothy Threads Cut-Thru Gypsy wagon, I am taking this on holiday so i might have a bit more done when i get back.I also got this adorable pinkeep from Becky, I love the fabric she chose for the back, I really enjoyed this exchange, so i have signed up for round two

And I can finally reveal the first pin keep i stitched for the Lizzie Kate exchange, think i got carried away with the pins though., and i hope its the case of practise makes perfect.!!!!

And here is another ATC i stitched for Marie way over in Australia.

And finally the winner of the goodies from my 100th post giveaway is……… LORI!!!!, so email me your address ( email address is in my profile) and i will post them off to you as soon as i get back from my hols!!!

Would you believe it has took me nearly two hours to load all the pictures on here today, and i should be packing not surfing, oh well.

>Marilyn, ATC and TUSAL


just a quickie post today, i have been stitching on Marilyn on a night, as i am getting bitten to death by the bleeding midgies outside after 7 so i cant do much in the garden, so she is coming along faster than normal. I wanted to get her face done asap to see if you can see the line, depending which side i look i can still see a bit.

This is also a pic of my first ATC that I did for Janet, I have took the picture from the Exchange blog, as i took the picture of it on my phone, and i cant find the lead to put it on the pc.

And finally I joined the Totally Useless SAL, which to be honest is not all my scrap ends from this month from what i have stitched, most of it is from the bleeding threads that went up in the vac, which i still haven’t re-threaded. It’s only a small jam jar, so there’s not that many in. Right got to get back to the pile of ironing that has been left to grow as i have been stitching every spare minute.

>Updates and Excuses

Yes blogging and stitching has been very slow latley ( reason is on my other blog, cant be arse to go into all on t his one) but here is a up date of marilyn from two weeks ago theres no point showing my update for this week as i have done 10 stitches all week and thats it pathetic i know need to get a kick up the arse to get me going. I have got loads of blogs to catch up on, sod the hosuework today i feel

>Marilyn’s Back!

OK I have to admit it, but i am a serial starter, and i really want to get my big projects done as well as the little ones in between so i have joined the stitchalong blog to get my butt into gear, as my pile of UFO’s are going to grow as there are so many i want to stitch!!! I think that them designers are so cruel putting all these charts out there are once, don’t they know that there are some people who find it really hard to resist?

Anyway the first project that i am going to do is Marilyn, I love her and i think she was one hell of a sexy woman ( speaking from a woman’s prospective) and i have a nicely decorated hall and the perfect place for here to go, but she was sat in a plastic wallet on a shelf at the bottom of the wardrobe. So here is a piccie to show how much i did last time, and hopefully by next week there will be some more progress on her. i would love to finish page one of her. On the ATC front i have just a bit more to do, but it doesn’t need to be posted off for a couple of weeks yet so there is no rush to get it done yet. I am supposed to be varnishing the staircase that i nagged hubby to put in but still haven’t varnished it ( i will start just an hour of stitching honest lol)