I Caved ( just don’t tell the hubby)

After a terrible week with my eldest daughter, i needed cheering up so with there being a 30% sale on over at HAED I went and cheered myself up with two charts, White Tiger By David Penfound


and then i bought Lady Godiva by John Maler Collier. Did you know he painted this in 1898! I kept going back to this picture over and over, and in the end i just had to have it.

My husband says I  have a thing for naked women, MEN!

I was contemplating stitching her in silks, but the cost would have been over £220 and even if i bought 4 threads a week, it is far too much, so DMC it is.

I did go back and pick up Rapunzel too, i hate getting beaten, so slow and steady it has been with her, i am hoping to stitch another 4 colours into her and then put it away this month, and yes I call them him or her… come to think of it i have no HIM’s, think the White Tiger is a HIM.

Hoping my fabric that i ordered from sewandso come soon, I think I have enough charts to keep me going for a few years now




I’m Admitting Defeat For Today

I have been stitching Rapunzel today and I give up, yes your right this is a whingy post you have been warned. 😦

I have spent hours on it, and there you can hardly tell a difference, i have headache from checking the chart, checking the place on the fabric, re-checking the chart again, It has been doing my bloody head in, so I am holding my head up and admitting defeat for today and giving up on her for today, maybe even this week.


I’m A Woman I’m Allowed To Change My Mind!

Have you ever stitched something to giveaway, then decided to keep it? No? Just me then 😮

I didn’t know if it was the right thing to send or not, now i am not religous, and only go to church when i have to, but how do you know if someone would be offended if they got a Jospeh, Mary and Jesus ornament, not forgetting the Little Donkey. SO i decided to keep it for myself and send something else 🙄

I just have to make it into an ornament ( argh!) will post a picture when the person gets it

now this week is the confetti SAL on HAED BB so its back to Rapunzel


Stitch, Frog, Stitch, Frog

That’s all i have been doing this, i have been plugging away at Rapunzel trying to make sure i have done the stitches right and then i find that i have made a mistake so i have to frog it all, tis slightly bugging me that i cant seem to count, but thats what you get watching ‘Game of Thrones’ when I’m stitching, still next time i pick it up i will be able to maybe stitch a little quicker.



..Lastly the last day of the Giveaway is tomorrow, just comment on this post







To Tent or Not To Tent, That Is The Question

My stitching at the best of times is slow, and just cant get an faster. Mind you if i didnt have any interuptions

  • Mum, what’s for tea?
  • Mum, Callum/Lauren/Nicole is annoying me!
  • Mum i cant go my homework, can  you do it for me help?
  • I cant find my clothes/shoes/homework/phone/bed * delete as appropriate
  • Where’s my car keys ( in the place you have just looked, honestly are all men useless as looking for ANYTHING or is it just mine?)
  • The phones ringing! (sorry can’t anyone else answer it!)
  • MUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

The list could go on and on, and since i would love to stitch as fast as Rachel ( super speedy) but will never, i am pondering whether to try and have another go at tenting, on the HAED BB there is a picture that has been tented and it looks amazing, so should i try it on a new start, I mean i have loads of charts and loads i want  (i have finally updated my stash and wishlist pages) so i could try it, or do i just plod on.

Speaking of plodding on, im sure this bleeding ship has sailed off as i cant see it anywhere, yes i know its a crap amount of stitching i have done, but i have had all the above thrown at me in one night, so if i grab a full 30 minutes it is a blessing,.

and i did a bit of Rapunzel last night, and this is it, you can count the stitches they are that few.

I am hoping that i get a bit in today, but not sure what to stitch i need to see really which is shouting at me, to stop me buying LADY GODIVA as i REALLY REALLY want this chart.

p.s dont forget Thursday is the last day for sign up for the giveaway

New Start For A New Home?

Well I made the decision, and it will take me a while to get used to everything, but my way of thinking is. New home, new job, new body (pfft like that will ever happen, I ain’t wee lol) So I have got a new blog instead.  I never said that my reasoning made sense 😀

Over on the HAED BB  there is a new starting on the 24th June and i chose…… ( drum roll please)


It was a hard decision, to be honest it would have been easier not to sign up, but what they hell! It is also Bingo time on the board too, and if my luck is like anything i will get a few and then nothing.

And finally she hasn’t been out for a while, but Mermmie is here, this is where I got up to before my 20 stitches this week.