Muttering Like Muttley

I am peeved today, can you see why?

yes i run out of DMC 762 so i bought some more, and carried on stitching, it wasnt until i got stitching next to the old thread that i could tell something was off, I really need to invest in a good light. The difference on colour is really off and it is the same number this is the second time this has happened to me this month!

First lesson dont stitch in blocks as you can really see the line especially when something like this happens

I must have had the thread in for years but who would have thought they would have been a difference, so really peeved about it, I am not going to frog it, i will hope as i get further in that i wont look straight at it.

Anyway CD has now been put away and this week i am working on DOTF

I have decided to stitch the sky this week,  so it will give me a idea of how big it will be, so hoping that i get  all the sky done and maybe start the rainbow.




also here if a close up of DREAMING ON THE FARM, can any of you tell what I am showing you?

I was supposed to be working on the HAED BB SAL Lovers, but i dont like how it is turning out, it was between two charts and i wished i had gone with the tiger, so not sure to just plod on or leave it

and finally thanks for all the comments i do read your blogs but i cant leave comments as i am using the net on my phone, which to be honest is pretty naff!!

TUSAL,Lovers and Mermaid

just a quick update not as much progress as i would have liked but life gets in the way. it always takes me ages filling the pages in.


i also remembered to take a photo of what i managed to get done in this months QS Lovers SAL.


and finally TUSAL for this month i may be late as i can’t get to read any blogs having to use my phone which to be honest is awful is really doing my head in.


thanks for all your comments and for letting me know the picture is ok

New Year, New Starts

First of all hope everyone had a happy Christmas and new year, it was very hectic here as we were entertaining everyone for Christmas day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day (which is like Christmas Day but with no presents), so very little stitching was done. I did manage to start on Sadness For An Angel but with no money i have had to just stitch her on normal DMC, ( i am trying to sell my car now as things have got that bad so i dont think hubby would have let me get the silks, so i didnt even ask, Why do we ask when we work just as hard as the men, if not more?)

But Here is my first update of her stitched on 28ct Jazlyn tenting 2 X 1 ( i really need to finish something this year so tenting it is!)


And with the new year comes the new SAL from the HAED BB i had to have Nene’s Lovers, as soon as i saw it.

and this is what i have done so far after today , again stitched on 28ct Jazlyn tenting 2 X 1

I have only done two colours so stitched up fast however since i am back at work tommorrow it may be the only stitching i get done this week.

I am going to updat all my blog and get caught up on reading when i can use the kids computers, as mine has got a white screen and my laptop is plugged into the tv so not very good for reading as i cant afford to get it fixed.


Slowly Coming Alive

Yes I have FINALLY got back into the groove, housework pah it will still be there later!

Here is how far i have got with DOTF.

I am going to go onto the next page so i can see her face, but also so i can finsih the rainbow and then move onto the sky. I thought i would try a new way of stitching these, as with a normal pattern on one page i would just stitch a certain thing ie the sky then move onto the next thing, but with HAED’s I stitch a page at a time. it might not work but with it pregridded it should be ok.


Its also that time of year again when its SAL time, and this year i said no, as i was really bad  i hated stitching on 18ct for fragile heart, so its still no where near done, i am thinking of restarting her on 25 or 28ct,  but when i saw Lovers that flew out of the window, so even though i was VERY tempted to buy Sadness of an Angel, i resisted and will concentrate on the ones i have and the new start in the new year, how good am I? 🙂