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Well Hello There – GIVEAWAY SIGN UP TILL 30th JUNE

So here i am, new blog ( wordpress has let me transfer all my old posts) and new domain, and to celebrate I am holding a giveaway!!

The prize will be chosen by the winner, from the following.

A HAED chart ( this would be emailed to you from HAED)


£15 gift voucher from SEWANDSO


for you stitcher’s out there that have more stash than you will have time to stitch, a donation to your favourite charity, after all us stitcher’s are a kind bunch.

Plus the winner will also win a copy of new magazine MOLLIE MAKES.

To enter all you have to do is, leave a comment on this post and post on your blog, thats it.

I will be still following everyone as i have got everyone’s blog on my subscriptions list, but unfortunately Google Friends doesn’t work on wordpress for some reason and i can not get to work it is beyond me and i cant afford to pay someone to do it for me, so until then its email subscription only ( top right of page) OR  changing your blogroll ( sorry)

so i will run this giveaway until 30th June, when i will announce the winner on the 1st July.

Hope everyone is having a productive stitching week – will post an update of mermmie later.

New Start For A New Home?

Well I made the decision, and it will take me a while to get used to everything, but my way of thinking is. New home, new job, new body (pfft like that will ever happen, I ain’t wee lol) So I have got a new blog instead.  I never said that my reasoning made sense 😀

Over on the HAED BB  there is a new starting on the 24th June and i chose…… ( drum roll please)


It was a hard decision, to be honest it would have been easier not to sign up, but what they hell! It is also Bingo time on the board too, and if my luck is like anything i will get a few and then nothing.

And finally she hasn’t been out for a while, but Mermmie is here, this is where I got up to before my 20 stitches this week.

Is WordPress Any Good?


Blogger is really peeing me off lately, not uploading pictures, not saving ( which it is currently saying error occcured as i type again!) the list goes on so i am thinking about switching to wordpress, but not sure of the interface, could really do with some help here since i have been on here for 4 years, not sure really if wordpress or any others are good, so come on peeps spill the beans and let me now pleaseeeee.

…. oh i could show my stitching but pfft i got 20 stitches in total this week, damn work, damn my boss for deciding to moniter me this week, and damn me for not putting the lottery numbers on last night as i would have been a few more notes better off today. pah, i think i need to start this week again. If only we had a rewind button.

>Yummy Johnny

>WOO HOOO!! Got tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides, tomorrow, yummy Johnny Depp, looks disher as a pirate than in real life, so to celebrate i bought…… another head yes i know i said i wanted a quick stitch, but i got a soft spot for pirates and mermaids, and i couldn’t resist.

I have also been looking for something quick to stitch so i could stitch when i am out, so looking for a mermaid or pirate theme to stitch.

Now just to tell the kids, as i have only got two tickets, that wont go down well!


>No picture Im afraid as HAED’s are so slow to stitch up, what i need is a really fun stitch thats not too…trying to find the right words but all i can come up with is concentrating to stitch?, A Quick Stitch?,  does that sound right? hmm well i know what i mean but hubby has banned me from buying any more, pah bloody men!
I  could stitch my LK Christmas Rules, but its summer and well i don’t do christmas charts till at least September/October, so no idea maybe i should start my mirabilia.. does anyone else ever get like this?
Think i will look for some freebies, i may find something there.

I may be just on one of them moods lol

So how many would you say is too much to have on the go at once, how many do you have?  and how many charts/kits do you have in your collection? I think sometimes i should stop wanting to start and actually finish what i have!