>What Not To Do

I am not a happy bunny this morning. First day back at work, so i got up early and started vacumning house through and was in my bedroom shouting at kids to get up when the vac did a funny noise and started throwing bits out.
I look down and saw my needle organiser empty, not one bleeding thread was in it. Oh s**t! I have only gone and forgot i put it under my bed last night and vacced up all the threads, all 49 of them, Do you know how long it takes to thread all them, bloody ages!
So i spent the last half hour pulling the threads out, finding all the broken needles out of the carpet and cursing while still shouting at the kids to get up lovely.
I know it doesnt look a lot when you see pic, put argh there is a right pile of threads now all rolled into a ball, oh and how dusty is my vac, shame on you girl .


9 thoughts on “>What Not To Do

  1. >Oh No….how trrible for you. All that time.My hoover is always covered in lose threads…as is everything else lol.They are just ones I drop though.

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